5 Best Eateries In Birmingham

5 Best Eateries In Birmingham

Birmingham is the center of attraction in England. It is the city that has most of the malls and shopping destinations in it. On top of that, you will find exciting food destinations here too. An extensive range of top-notch eateries and restaurants catering to every type of people’s taste. These food places are filled with creative chefs who make sure they are putting the best dish on your table and making you drool all over. The best thing about these restaurants is that they have received Michelin-star certification. It means they provide something that makes them recognized by top organizations. 


Adam’s kickstarted their operations in 2013. It was less than a glamorous pop-up that would be selling sandwiches. However, the high demand and the cult following have increased their production pace throughout the years. Coming up with this change has earned them a Michelin star. You can find Adam’s at an impressive place situated on Waterloo Street. This whole street features most of the eateries with the same business. Visitors will have an incredibly refreshing fine-dining experience. 

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Carters of Moseley:

Another restaurant that has received Michelin stars in this city is Carters of Moseley. This eatery offers scrumptious and luscious menus that are always inspired by the changing seasons. The owner of this restaurant, who is also a chef, Brad Carter goal is simple. He wants the freshly-picked ingredients from farms straight to the plates of their customers. 

Carter and his team source their ingredients and things from local farmers for their tasting menus. However, the menus can be changed on a daily basis. It will be based on the availability of ingredients. Customers can expect the best dining experience here. 


Original Patty Men:

Original Patty Men is an old favorite spot of the people of Birmingham. Whenever they think of eating a burger, they drop by this restaurant and satisfy their cravings. This restaurant was launched by many designers back in the day, and now they have expanded to two restaurants. One is situated in a Digbeth archway, while the other can be found at The British Oak in Stirchley. The menu of this burger outlet is pretty much delicious and messy. 

What’s more interesting about this restaurant is that the hip-hop megastar Drake has placed an order from here. 



Birmingham’s dining scene also features another Michelin-starred restaurant, Purnell’s. This restaurant is backed by a celebrity chef, Glynn Purnell. This restaurant’s menu is a mixture of British influences with French and East Asian ingredients. He has done this to create a unique and distinct dining experience for their customers. However, the menu of Purnell’s evolve throughout the seasons, and it is pretty famous for offering top-notch and finest seafood. For instance, Gigha halibut and Orkney scallops. Readers, make sure that you don’t miss out on this restaurant on your next visit to Birmingham. 

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The Wilderness:

The Wilderness is a different experience. The name pretty much tells you about the restaurant. It is owned and headed by Alex Claridge. This restaurant is hands-down the most creative fine-dining place that you can find in Birmingham. A combination of local heritage infused with food and rock and roll. The place is aesthetically pleasing for many people out there. It gives you amazing vibes. This should be on your list whenever you think of dining out at a cool restaurant. 

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Final Thoughts:

So, this was all about the best eateries in Birmingham. We hope all the foodies out there will definitely give them a try. Quench your thirst and visit these places to witness the deliciousness of every meal available. Every item on the menu is scrumptious and delicious. Don’t miss out on anything.

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