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A Breath of Fresh Air: Exploring Birmingham’s Beautiful Lakes and Waterways

If you’ve visited every hook and corner of Birmingham city, you would know that it really does have more canals than Venice. The stress-free lifestyle, serene landscapes, and relaxing waterfronts in Birmingham are the city’s biggest gifts to its folks.

Especially for new arrivals, the nature retreats at Birmingham elicit their interest. The variety of beautiful sights and attractions provoke many of them to choose it as their haven to spend the rest of their life.

If you are in Birmingham for your summer holidays and looking for water-based picnic points to spend time with your family, keep reading. In this blog, you will learn about some astounding lakes and waterways of the city to have fun with your loved ones; after all, nothing beats being by the water.

Birmingham’s Lakes & Waterways−A Scenic Escape

When you hear of Birmingham, the bustling city gives you the vision of diverse cultural and industrial heritage and thriving commerce. However, despite the city’s urban landscape, serene lakes and waterways offer a refreshing escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. These aquatic wonders of Birmingham provide magnificent views and play an essential role in building the city’s history, culture, and recreational activities.

Exploring Birmingham’s Beautiful Lakes and Waterways

Birmingham’s lakes and waterways serve as an ideal stroll, offering a concourse for outdoor enthusiasts looking for active recreation. Below are the few lakes and waterways, making this city an epitome of tourism and leisure getaway.

1.    Discover the Beauty Of Earlswood Lakes

If you wish to see the striking sailing boats on quiet lakes as you stroll down nearby, then Earlswood Lakes is the ideal place to do so. Located in South Birmingham, Earlswood Lakes are made of 22-acre reservoirs, soaking up the lovely scenery for a beautiful view. To add charm to this alluring sight, look out for the decades-old engine house installed in 1823 to keep the lake’s water flowing. Walk around the lake, visit the nearby local craft centre, or visit the Clowes Wood Nature Reserve, a little far from the lake.

2.    Enjoy Some Time At Bittell Reservoirs

Located in the South of Birmingham lies another water reservoir in Worcestershire that supplies water to the Worcester & Birmingham Canal. Bittell Reservoirs were developed to transport goods via this canal until 1961. The reservoir comprises two canals named Upper and Lower Bittell, respectively, and covers an area of approximately 67 hectares. The site features a public footpath infused with greenery in summer and spring, with birds stopping by, giving viewers incredible sightseeing. For an enhanced experience, you can even take a nice scenic walk from Barnt Green, following the reservoir path to North Worcestershire and then to Lickey Hills Country Park.

3.    Make Your Way To Water With Edgbaston Reservoir

Birmingham also boasts a collection of beautiful lakes, including Edgbaston Reservoir, providing tourists with tranquil nature retreats. The history of this sprawling water body with lush greenery goes back to the early 19th century when it was initially built to provide drinking water to the city’s residents. Since then, the reservoir has become a spectacular destination for nature freaks, anglers, and water sports fanatics.

4.    Walk-in toward Kingsbury Water Park: A Popular Fishing Point

If you love fishing, then visiting Kingsbury Water Park is a must. This one-of-its-kind fishing destination is one of the largest water parks in the West Midlands, covering more than 600 acres. Made of fifteen lakes, Kingsbury Water Park is surrounded by parkland with so much to do at the venue, such as cycling, horse riding, sailing, or even simply walking.

In addition, the water park exudes three new way-marked routes of around 1.5 miles long and a bridleway to follow. You can even find several bird-watching hides around the park and over 200 species for unique sightseeing.

5.    Explore Cannon Hill Park’s Boating Lake

Another serene lake to explore before you leave Birmingham’s natural beauty is Cannon Hill Park’s boating lake. Founded in the city’s heart, Canon Hill’s lake provides visitors with a perfect setting for a relaxed paddleboat ride or a peaceful lakeside leisure time. In contrast with urban surroundings, its natural beauty offers a harmonious ambiance, temporarily allowing you to escape from the city’s fast-paced life.

6.    Find Tranquility at Ryton Pools Country Park

If you’re bored of visiting the lakes mentioned above and waterways in Birmingham, explore this hidden gem in West Midland. Spread across 100 acres, Ryton Pools Country Park is an oasis of the lake: a perfect place for a weekend walk to clear your head after an exhausting week. With its sensory garden and trail, you can enjoy some “me-time” or spend quality time with your dear.

7.    Don’t Forget Wandering In Chasewater Country Park

Breathtakingly beautiful, this reservoir in Staffordshire is one of the best chilling spots. With so much green open space in the North of Birmingham, planning a day out here is a win-win.

Whether you want to do cycling, running, or even just walking, doing so in Chasewater Country Park is straightforward. Witness gorgeous panoramic views of the lake and nearby areas and enjoy watersport activities, including wakeboarding, sailing, water skiing, etc.

For a light soul, you can enjoy the natural trails, watch birds flying around, or simply ride on the heritage steam railway. 

9.    Give Picturesque Gas Street Basin A Chance

Last but not least, Gas Street Basin is a scenic junction where several canals converge and is a centre of activity and a doorway to discovering the city’s historic canals. The area is adorned with attractive brick warehouses turned into restaurants, shops, and cafes, creating a lively atmosphere where people can ease and soak in the surroundings.

The Wrap Up

In short, Birmingham is a city that is not only famous for its urban culture but also has some awestruck lakes and waterways to captivate visitors. Whether looking for a place to spend your leisure time walking, cycling, running around, seeing birds flying, or going for recreational activities such as sailing, water skiing, etc., Birmingham has incredible reservoirs to make unforgettable memories.

Besides, these incredible lakes and waterways provide a rich cultural insight, paying homage to the city’s dynamic past and embracing the tranquility and adventure that awaits along these lakes and waterways. To summarise, the harmonious blend of Birmingham’s urban life and the serenity of nature along these historic lakes and waterways promise a treasured experience that seizes the essence of this vibrant city.

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