A Guide to the Birmingham Best Murals and Graffiti

A Guide to the Birmingham Best Murals and Graffiti

Birmingham is packed with stunning murals and graffiti that are sure to catch your eye with its vast industrial city splashes and bright art that sparkles up the urban landscapes matching the vibrancy of the people who stay there. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, from bold and unorthodox designs to thought-provoking messages that are unique in size and intricacy. Take a stroll through the city streets and discover covered jewels you might not have noticed before. You won’t be disappointed by the creativity and talent on display. Keep your camera ready because you’ll want to capture these beautiful sights to share with your friends and family. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring Birmingham’s vibrant art scene today. Here is the list of our favorite murals and graffiti in the Mythical burg to probe.

City of Colours Festival:

If you’re a fan of street art, then you don’t want to miss the City of Colours festival, as artists from around the globe flock to Digbeth. It is known to be Birmingham’s Creative Quarter, making incredible murals that decorate the city’s walls every year. The festival celebrates creativity, community, as well as crimsons, and it’s always a sight to behold. You can find some of the festival’s most impressive murals on Floodgate and Gibb Street, where the walls come alive with vibrant shades and stunning layouts. Walking through these streets feels like entering a fairytale land where art and imagination know no bounds.

The Custard Factory:

The Custard Factory holds a special place in Birmingham, situated near the Bullring and spread across 15 acres of captivating Victorian factories. This unique locale is abuzz with creativity as independent businesses and artists come together to create something truly remarkable. One of the most famous murals is the majestic tiger painted by artist Kobra. It’s a real eye-catcher and adds a touch of wildness to the urban surroundings. The Custard Factory is a great place to explore and discover new talents. You can spend hours wandering around the shops, studios, and galleries, taking in the sights and sounds of this artistic community.

The Old Print Works:

A diverse and welcoming place to visit if you’re into craft and artistry is located in Balsall Heath, South Birmingham. It used to be a factory, but now it’s a space for artists and makers to come and do their thing. The building is covered in all kinds of chromatic murals and graffiti, transforming it into a really interesting place to scour. Street artist Dan Kitchener created one of the doozy pieces, a vast mural of a woman’s face. The panorama is really striking and draws you in with its vibrant intensity and bold lines. You’ll also come across many other artworks as you trek around the building, from smaller graffiti tags to larger murals covering entire walls.

High Street Deritend:

The fascinating stroll shows you some lively neighbourhoods bursting with colourful murals and graffiti art. You can notice the stunning peacock artist Gent 48 mural illustration walking down the street. The zesty colours of the peacock feathers come to life against the dull brick wall, forging an exquisite contrast that catches the eye of passersby. You’ll discover an array of other impressive murals and graffiti pieces scattered throughout the area. Each one tells its own unique story and adds to the fiery character of the vicinity. The energy of the street is palpable as locals and visitors alike take in the art and enjoy the jovial atmosphere.

Digbeth Dining Club:

An award-winning event in Birmingham is a bumble street food market that’s a must-visit for food lovers. You’ll be greeted by a flashy display of murals and graffiti that’ll capture your attention right away, but the “Tiger Mural” outlook that stands out most is artist ATM drawn. The majestic barracuda dominates the wall with its piercing gaze and intricate details. The mural is so lifelike that you might even feel like the bobcat is about to pounce. You’ll be treated to a range of delicious street food from all over the world when you wander through the market.

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