Date Night Ideas in Birmingham: A Romantic Ride with Brum Taxis

Date Night Ideas in Birmingham: A Romantic Ride with Brum Taxis

When we think of ‘romantic’ destinations, Birmingham might not immediately come to mind, like Paris or Venice. However, if you find yourself in Birmingham with your loved one, there’s no need to worry about being bored for a second. The city offers many romantic activities and scenic destinations you can explore together.

Oh Birmingham, You Beauty!

Birmingham is home to many romantic spots and activities perfect for couples who want to spend quality time together. Whether you’re planning a romantic meal, a scenic tour, or an entertaining evening, Birmingham has something to offer. You can book a dinner reservation at one of the city’s charming restaurants, enjoy a leisurely stroll hand-in-hand on a scenic tour, or head out for an evening of entertainment.

Consider booking a taxi to take you to your destination for added convenience and comfort. A taxi ride can be a peaceful and stress-free way to explore, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the tourist attractions and romantic spots in Birmingham. A late-night taxi ride around the city can also be a wonderfully intimate experience.

So, continue reading to discover Birmingham’s best romantic spots and activities, ensuring a memorable time with your partner.

Unforgettable Date Night Experiences in Birmingham

1.      Romantic Dinner Spots

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a. The Alchemist Birmingham – Colmore Row

Slinky interiors are just the beginning of what this romantic restaurant and bar can offer for your next date night. The Alchemist, with its luxurious and moody surroundings, provides an ideal setting for amazing evening plans in Birmingham. The menu features delicious international dinner dishes and delectable desserts, ideal for sharing or enjoying on your own. Additionally, The Alchemist is renowned for serving some of the city’s most visually stunning cocktails.

b. Dine Canalside

The area surrounding the canals presents a lot of dining options for every palate. From fine dining establishments to casual eateries, tapas bars, wine lounges, and traditional pubs, there’s something for everyone. These venues offer the unique opportunity to dine by the canal, where you can relax and observe the tranquil traffic of narrow boats passing by. Following your meal, take a leisurely stroll alongside the canal, soaking in the picturesque basin and captivating views. It’s the perfect way to conclude a delightful evening in Birmingham.

c. Gaucho Birmingham

Gaucho’s stunningly chic interiors are sure to captivate you and your companion from the moment you step through the door. However, it’s the premium steak-packed menu that truly steals the show. With a variety of cuts to choose from, prepared to perfection, you’ll find yourself in culinary bliss. Additionally, Gaucho’s staff are happy to accommodate any dietary requests or provide information on their fresh cuts of meat, providing a memorable dining experience.

2.    Scenic Tours

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a. Castle Bromwich Historic Gardens

Located just twenty minutes from Birmingham International Airport, this destination is a must-visit on your way in or out of the city. Situated conveniently on the city’s edge, the 10-acre grade II* listed walled garden offers a unique experience reminiscent of Dutch and French-influenced formal gardens from the late 17th century. It’s a rare surviving example of this style in England, providing a great opportunity to explore the outdoors, wildlife, and nature all in one place.

b. Star Gazing at Clent Hills or Barr Beacon

Pack a blanket and some warm drinks, then head to Clent Hills or Barr Beacon on a clear night to gaze at the stars together and enjoy each other’s company in the peaceful surroundings. Don’t forget to make a wish when you see a shooting star.

c. Lickey Hills Country Park

For a more extensive nature experience, head to Lickey Hills Country Park. The park features rolling hills, woodlands, and panoramic views of the surrounding area. It’s a great place for a hike, a picnic, or simply enjoying the outdoors with your partner. 

3.     Evening Entertainment

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a. Explore Symphony Hall and Town Hall

The Symphony Hall and Town Hall are located in the city centre and offer both musical and spoken performances, ranging from classical concerts to comedy shows and free recitals. This is the perfect place for an afternoon date or evening out.

b. Catch a film at the Electric Cinema

The Electric Cinema, the United Kingdom’s oldest working cinema, is located in the Southside area. Here, you can enjoy cocktails, Absinthe, craft beers, indulgent snacks, and other unique offerings while watching an interesting selection of films.

c. Enjoy Birmingham Moor Street Station

Stations aren’t usually associated with romance, but the historic and gorgeous Birmingham Moor Street Station boasts architectural splendour and nostalgia. Just wandering through conjures images of porters with pillbox hats and upright trolleys, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee and well-worn leather permeates the air.

d. Visit the BBC in the Mailbox

BBC Birmingham is located in the Mailbox and offers tours covering radio, news production, and much-loved programming. Tours are on select days of the week, but the Public Space is open every day and gives you a chance to try presenting, take a look at authentic costumes, and snap a picture with Tardis.

4.    Fun Dates

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a. Hold hands as you skate on a rink at Roller Jam

If you’re looking for a unique and thrilling date idea, consider Roller Jam, a roller disco located in Digbeth. While we don’t recommend falling into your date’s arms, Roller Jam provides the perfect opportunity to let loose and have fun on eight wheels. Although currently closed for floor renovations, it is set to reopen at the end of January, welcoming skaters once again.

At Roller Jam, you can enjoy laser shows, cocktails, and food to replenish your energy after skating. It’s an excellent way to experience something new and exciting together. Just remember to be cautious and not to inadvertently bring your date down with you if you find yourself on the verge of a tumble.

b. Play retro video games at NQ64

NQ64 offers a delightful blend of retro arcade games, classic consoles, craft beers, and delicious cocktails with names sure to appeal to your nerdy nostalgic side. The walls adorned with luminous images under black light create an otherworldly ambience, offering an escape from the ordinary.

Challenge your date to a friendly competition of Mario Kart or Mortal Kombat, and perhaps bond over a shared love for ‘your song’ on Guitar Hero. It’s an adorable setting to create lasting memories and enjoy each other’s company in a fun and unique environment.

c. Go Bowling at Lane 7

Lane 7 is not your typical bowling alley—it offers much more. This unique establishment seamlessly blends various games with the social atmosphere of a bar.

Aside from bowling, patrons can partake in games like beer pong while indulging in delicious food and drinks. It’s the perfect setting for a laid-back first date in Birmingham, promising an evening filled with fun, good company, and memorable experiences.

5.    Special Touches


When you’re with your partner, you want transportation that’s not only convenient but also flexible and smooth, with no interruptions along the way. You need a service that picks you up from your designated location and drops you off seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free journey from start to finish.

Professional Taxi Service

When travelling with family or loved ones, you expect professionalism from your taxi service. Brum Taxis ensures this by having all drivers and taxis CRB-checked and licensed by the Birmingham City Council. This guarantees a safe experience while exploring Birmingham with your partner.


Safety is a top priority when booking a taxi service. Opting for safe and insured options helps put your mind at ease, allowing you to fully enjoy your journey. Additionally, all vehicles should be in excellent condition and impeccably clean, enhancing your overall comfort and enjoyment during the trip.

Choice of Vehicles

Arriving at Birmingham International Airport, you might require a taxi service that stays with you throughout the day, no matter where you go. This is where day-hire services come in handy. You can book a taxi for the entire day, giving you the flexibility to visit any destination, whether nearby or far. Whether it’s enjoying a romantic dinner or lunch, exploring a park, or seeking serenity in a garden, having a taxi at your disposal ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Brum Taxis’ Romantic Rides!

Birmingham is a city that proves romance isn’t limited to just Valentine’s Day. While it may not have the Eiffel Tower, it boasts a vibrant lifestyle and cosmopolitan environment. It offers everything London does but at a much more affordable price. Whether you’re planning a date night for your anniversary, your partner’s birthday, or just a weekend getaway to unwind, Birmingham has plenty to offer.

For your romantic plans to go smoothly, skip the hassle of public transport and opt for a reliable taxi service. For a seamless experience, book a taxi online in Birmingham with us. Known for our reliability, professionalism, safety, and flexibility, Brum Taxis is the perfect choice for your special night out in Birmingham.

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