Must-Visit Historical Places That You Should Check In Birmingham

Everyone knows that Birmingham is the center of attraction in England. The city is well-known for having a space for art, sports, shopping, and food. Birmingham is full of fun and offers almost everything for everyone out there. Most individuals might have a thing for knowing about and exploring heritage places. Every one of us wants to know more about historical sites. If you are that individual, then you came to the right place. Head on to this blog, and you will learn about the must-visit historical places you must check out.

Aston Hall:

The first on the list is Aston Hall. It was built and constructed in the 17th Century. It is an ideal testament to the wealth and grandeur that set apart the high society’s lives. This mansion has been carefully restored to its original condition. They had restored like the way it was back in the time when the royals had frequent visitors. People who want to check out this place can go to Trinity Road, Aston, Birmingham. The admission fee for this is £3. 

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Blakesley Hall:

The second on this list is Blakesley Hall. This is a 400-year-old farmhouse that features a Tudor-style timber frame. It has a herb garden with it and an orchard. Back in the day, it was home to some top-notch families in the Tudor and Stuart periods. However, now this place is filled with an interior collection of 17th-century items. Blakesley Hall is one of the oldest buildings in Birmingham, and it should be on your visiting list for sure. 

Individuals can visit this place on Blakesley Road, Yardley, Birmingham. The admission price to this hall is £3. 

Birmingham Back To Backs:

You have read about Aston Hall and Blakesley Hall above, but there’s another place that you should check. It is Birmingham’s Back To Backs. This place will tell you about how the other half lived in this country in the 19th and 20th centuries. You will see a glimpse of the everyday life of Birmingham’s working class. This has to be on your bucket list because you will learn about new things and explore something new about this country.

This destination is located at 55-63 Hurst Street / 50-54 Inge Street, Birmingham, B5 4TE. 

Winterbourne House and Garden:

A building that is divided into a house and a botanical garden. Winterbourne is a small piece of paradise that is situated on the University of Birmingham’s Edgbaston Campus. Visitors can tour the Edwardian house and then explore it on their own. Thousands of gorgeous and beautiful plant species are spread over 7 acres of land. You can take a taxi service in Birmingham to go to these places.

This is situated at the University of Birmingham, 58 Edgbaston Park Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2RT.

Soho House:

Visiting this house will give you a feel of a 19th-Century Georgian home. Matthew Boulton’s home is a museum highlighting the look and taste of an era long that you can’t forget. This museum is a place where the entrepreneurs, inventors, and philosophers of that time met here. Walking here will give you an idea on your own, and you will get vibes from this place. 

Visitors who want to check out this place can find it on Soho Avenue, Handsworth, Birmingham, B18 5LB.

Final Thoughts:

Readers who want to know about Birmingham’s historical places now have your answers. You can visit these places if you want. Just make sure that you know about their timings and that you are going there within the time bracket. It will be something unique for your tour. 

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